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sasopuppetpal's Journal


Name: Sasori
Age: 23
Job: Prop Manager
Likes: inanimate objects, promptness, quiet, thinking, art
Dislikes: People, tardiness
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Maroon
Personality: rude, calm, anti-social, focused
Talents/abilities: artistic
Love Interest: None

Kidnap? You can try.
Noncon? If you want
Angst? Not really
Attack? You can try.
Kill? No killing Sasori please, though I don't really see that happening in this RP.
Het, yaoi, yuri? Sasori is gay, so yaoi is good for him.
Rating? He's probably PG at his lowest. He's rude, but he doesn't curse a lot.

Any other notes? None that I can think of.
Contact Info
AIM: DarkGoddess700
MSN: googoodolls@charter.net
email: sirenqueen@charter.net
Played by: kanoi_trace

Dislaimer: Original character property Masashi Kishimoto, played for konohaco
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide